Real Estate

With a solid reputation in the real estate market (national and international), Real Estate Practice has been involved in the most important transactions in recent years (local and international market).

Our advice services cover all legal aspects related to the structuring and development of real estate projects, including, among others, the following:

  • Structuring projects and real estate investments as well as their financing.
  • Advice on the development of project management (covering all matters related to the construction, promotion, financing and investment of residential assets, offices, business parks, logistics warehouses, hotels, resorts, shopping centers).
  • Advising investors, financiers, investment funds (institutional and private), real estate companies and end-users.

Regarding the aforementioned, we provide our services in the following activities:

  • Due diligence review and drafting of contingencies reports.
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts and trade agreements: promises, options, purchases, joint venture agreements, leases (including real estate trust vehicles in those jurisdictions in which they are applicable).
  • Contracts and operation and hotel management agreements (in national and international hotel chains).
  • Drafting and negotiation of collateral (mortgages, pledges, master lease agreement, etc.).
  • Assets management agreement.
  • Construction contracts, architecture and project management.
  • Structuring the financing.
  • Advice on acquisition of vast tracts of land in rural area, designed to agro-industrial or energy (mining, oil, renewable energy) large-scale projects.


Urban Law Practice:

The area of Urban Law advises public and private entities in planning, land management, planning and land use execution and procedures. In continuous collaboration with the Real Estate practice, the Urban Law practice has also an important level of autonomy in terms of advice and specific clientele.

Advice services are provided from multidisciplinary teams of lawyers specialized in urban, real estate, tax and environmental law.

We have advised the urban development of large tourist and hotel, residential, commercial, office and mixed-industrial projects.

Urban Law practice has, among others, the following functions:

  • 1. Drafting and advice on the formulation and issuance of urban planning instruments, considering that these instruments vary depending on the jurisdiction in which it is intended to advance the corresponding land management.
  • 2. Management and obtaining planning permission in all its forms, such as the following.
  • 3. Development and advice in regulations for all types of condominiums.
  • 4. Analysis of specific urban projects (due diligence in urban law)
  • 5. pre-litigation and litigation consulting.
  • 6. Assistance in the drafting, issuance and approval of regulatory territorial organization projects (local and regional).
  • 7. Legal assistance in processes of real estate acquisition in urban, energy and infrastructure projects.