Our specialists in labor law, immigration and visas, and social security, advise on all matters relating to this practice area: usually involved in the negotiation, drafting and termination of employment contracts; they have extensive experience in collective negotiation and restructuring of companies; involved in administrative proceedings before the respective labor authorities, as well as in all types of court cases before Labor Courts and High Courts of Justice and provide advice on issues relating to pensions and fringe benefits. In addition, the team has expertise in advising on employment of foreigners, rules of immigration and customs processing of all types, including temporary residence permits and visas in our country.

In addition, we make workshops, seminars and training courses on labor and immigration matters, including general and specific labor legal issues.

  • Contracting
  • Advice on Human Resources
  • Advice on issues of collective labor law
  • Corporate reorganizations and productive decentralization
  • Dismissal
  • Labor disputes in court
  • Administrative and contentious-administrative procedures
  • Immigration