We are recognized as experts representing clients in restructuring and bankruptcies, in an in and out-of court basis. Our team has a bast experience defending the interests of creditors as well as debtors

PPU has an interdisciplinary and talented team, with lawyers experts in negotiation, litigation, financing, taxation, and M&A, who have brought a modern vision to the insolvency practice, going beyond the traditional limits.

Services in an out-of court insolvency:

  • Risk analysis;
  • Strategies to avoid a judicial proceeding;
  • Reinvention of collaterals;
  • Representation in negotiations;
  • Acquire of credits;
  • Search of new financing sources and equity;
  • Restructure of financial and non-financial debt;
  • Protección de patrimonio de dueños y business principals;
  • Renegotiation of contracts;
  • Assistance to investors interested in pre-bankruptcy assets;

Services in a judicial insolvency proceeding

  • Negotiation of reorganization agreements;
  • Strategy to debtors and stakeholders, as well as creditors;
  • Settlement of credits;
  • Insolvency litigation (objections to projects, reorganization agreements, etc.);
  • Rejection of contracts;
  • Refinancing and reinvention of collaterals for insolvent debtors;
  • Lifting of precautionary measures;
  • M&A over companies in reorganization and liquidation;