Daniel Ramos

Director / Peru

PPU Director specialized in the evaluation, initiation and follow-up of investigations and criminal proceedings. Provides advice on the scope of an imputation and potential responsibilities, in order to reduce possible contingencies of a criminal nature. Daniel also implements tailored "Compliance" regulatory programs.


Work experience

  • 2018 - present Director

    Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría

  • 2015 - 2018 MOAR Abogados

    Founding Partner

  • 2011 - 2015 Criminal Law Partner

    Allemant Abogados

  • 2007 - 2011 Lawyer

    Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados




Featured Cases

  • Confidencial Perú 2019

    Advice to successful national entrepreneur in his defense in the framework of a criminal investigation into money laundering.

  • Confidencial Perú 2019

    Advice to a construction company, whose officials have been criminally charged for the crime of Fraud.

  • Confidencial Perú 2019

    Advice to a Peruvian company where we defend it in a criminal process, in which a former employee illegally transferred money to his personal bank accounts, through several internal operations that constitute computer fraud.

  • Confidencial Perú 2019

    Permanent advice to a beer company in criminal matters to identify and prevent possible criminal contingencies in the framework of its operations.



  • June 2014 Lima - Perú

    The legal situation of the aggrieved in front of the order of No Place to the Opening of Instruction

    Daniel Ramos Yrigoyen - Constitutional Gazette & Constitutional Procedure
  • November 2011 Buenos Aires - Argentina

    Criteria for the imposition of the Preventive Prison

    Juan Manuel S., Solange Capuya, Jorge Álvarez, Juan M. Ces Costa, Mauricio Salvador Blanco, Verónica Soria, Laura Greco y Daniel Ramos Yrigoyen - Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology of the Law
  • February 2011 Lima - Perú

    The legal legitimacy of the granting of penitentiary benefits in the crime of terrorism. Analysis of the case Lori Berenson Mejía

    Daniel Ramos Yrigoyen - Actualidad Jurídica de Gaceta Jurídica
  • July 2009 Lima - Perú

    Beware of being declared absent.

    Daniel Ramos Yrigoyen - El Comercio newspaper.
  • 25 September, 2020 Peru

    Peru’s congressional corruption investigation labelled overambitious

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  • 2010 Universidad Austral de Buenos Aires / Argentina Specialization in Criminal Law

  • 2007 Lawyer Universidad de Lima Law



  • Callao Bar Association

Academic activities


Seminars and Conferences

  • The International Conference on Criminal Law on "The Principle of Legality (between positive law and natural law) and" The Ideologies of the Theories of Punishment " Buenos Aires Argentina 2010
  • The Conference on Judicial Law on "Science and Technology at the service of the Judiciary and Judicial Law" Buenos Aires Argentina 2010
  • The Conference on "The Legal Consequences of Crime" Buenos Aires Argentina 2010
  • "The Reckless Crime" and on "The Criminal Liability of the Notaries", within the framework of the V International Criminal Update Program Buenos Aires Argentina 2010